A distant, timid and sudden arrival that should be disordered. Almost unpleasant at times. It jerks from both sides, painful, but saving, it takes on a more serious air and one begins to observe it repeating itself. Each sound it makes, its frequency is discovered and flies away. A throbbing path sought to be found. Its echoes form and then fades away. Its own structure, matter is borrowed and then kneaded by blows. Stronger and stronger, according to its desire, it asserts itself and becomes bigger. It is by collecting the luminous dust that its path continues.

Frequencies and feedback emerge from high above, almost painful with lower and noisier. They are repeated and gradually bring out feedback and harmonies a note is sometimes added. Knots emerge, which intertwine in the melodica, then appear, the rhythm accelerates slightly, a tension rises. The notes stop, silence emerges briefly and then gives way to an undulating rhythm, on which the delays reappear scattered.

the ripple of frequencies has fun touching my cells. Its ephemeris makes it inexhaustibly powerful.
perhaps desoriented
released 5 march 2022
dianita ~~~~ NODE
released 2 february 2022
on Bleu Lagon Records
I've had thirst in generating music from a childish age, living this powerful dream in my head that I didn't even looked at as something being achievable but more as something too distant. Some time ago, I got a few steps ahead of my fears and judgment of myself and others, to be in a place where I'm able to play and experiment with frequencies for the receptive ears surrounding me. Getting those four compositions out is just the premise of a infinite and on going exploration. That grows relying mainly on a intuitive process. This EP portrays the initiation in unraveling the node obstructing an abundant stream of my creative impulsions. The void that takes place between the threads is a reflection of an emerging confident creativity living further from musical theory. It is in this way more reliant on experiences of deep listening and flair.

The travelling frequencies in space, granular synthesis, the tuning of a tambura and the beginning of a long life work attempt to clean oneself's cave are the main influences in this 24min journey. To Alex, Claire, Rachel, Sarah for how much you always inspire and teach me in every steps.
dianita sharing the music she loves
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