is a multi-instrumentalist from Vevey, Switzerland based in Bern, performing in various projects mainly on drums and bass (Galsh, Chacho & Friends, Milla Pluton).

In parallel of her bands, the solo project of dianita born during her studies in visual arts at édhéa in Sierre, is a fluid sonic exploration constantly evolving with her desires, inspirations and the instruments she encounters along the way.

It is from a percussive approach that her excursion begins in 2019, her first steps into performance, music and the sonic world. dianita then continues her various experiments and meditations, cultivating this project as a continuous and infinite search for her relationship to the sonic world and her varied musical influences. And finally, the most important thing for dianita, whatever the technique or instrument, is to understand how to make her heart and that of the listeners around her ring and shine

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©Leoni Leoni
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